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Chinese Diet Tea

There are many slimming teas on the market and many of them originate in China. Perhaps the most popular and most well known of all is probably Wu long Tea also known as Oolong Tea and Wuyi Tea . The spelling “Wulong” is the official spelling in Pinyin however because of how it’s properly pronounced, the spelling “Oolong” came to be.

Another popular Chinese diet tea would be Feiyan. This is more popular in the UK than in the US. It is perhaps one of the most popular weight loss teas sold in the UK.

Another famous Chinese weight loss tea would be “Puer” also known as “Pu erh” and “Pu-erh Tea“. This tea is actually considered one of the best types of teas in China. It isn’t normally drunk as a weight loss tea but enjoyed as an elite type of tea. Of course there are many types of Pu erh tea available, some being extremely expensive. Pu-erh is a fermented tea which means it is aged like whiskey or cheese. As a result it tends to have a “woody” taste and gains value with age. Jessica Simpson has recently starting drinking Pu erh tea as part of her slim down regimen, and to impress her new guy!

Interestingly, the diet tea that Chinese people drink themselves for weight loss is one called “Bi Sheng Yuan”. I find it interesting that the Chinese Diet teas that are so popular in the west aren’t even used in China as slimming teas, and the tea that the Chinese people drink themselves is actually unheard of in the west.

We hope you will find all the info you need on the various diet teas available on the market from China and elsewhere.