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Feiyan Tea Renowned for Weight Loss and Slimming Effects


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Feiyan Slimming Tea

Feiyan tea is quickly gaining popularity as an extremely effective weight loss tea. In fact, it is already the most popular slimming tea in the UK and Ireland. More and more satisfied customers are praising Feiyan tea for the rapid weight loss results they have experienced, as well as its ability to relieve constipation and bloating.

Fei yan tea comes from China, and is named after Empress Zhao Feiyan (c. 32BC), the Han Dynasty Queen famed for her slender and svelte body. Feiyan literally means ‘Flying swallow’, a name the agile Empress gained for herself due to her pleasing body shape and her beautiful dancing.

Feiyan Weight Loss Slimming Tea

A pleasant-tasting herbal tea, Chinese Feiyan tea has been claimed by many to improve metabolism, aid in shedding excess fat, and help with appetite control. It also has helped people who suffer from water retention and constipation. Due to the laxative properties of this tea, most people find that they experience initial diarrhea within the first week of intake.This effect should normally subside after one week. Hence, the initial recommended dose of Feiyan tea is only one bag per day, increasing to two bags per day afterwards. Steep one bag of Feiyan tea for 5-10 minutes, and enjoy!

Feiyan tea is not suitable for everyone, such as pregnant or nursing women. Always be smart and use discretion before starting any type of new diet or weight loss regime. The main ingredients are Green tea, lotus leaves, Casina seeds and vegetable sponge. Feiyan tea consists of a unique blend of green teas, which serve to detoxify your body. This tea is also believed, by some, to lower blood pressure.

Fei yan tea can generally help your body to feel better, as it flushes out the bowels and rids the body of excess water. Another plus is that Feiyan tea contains no caffeine, so it can be enjoyed in the evening as well as the morning.

Why not give Chinese Feiyan slimming tea a try, and see for yourself why people in the UK, and others, are loving the results of this most effective weight loss drink!